We should all have access to these techniques to start benefiting from a life with less stress and more fulfilment. We teach on a sliding scale as we don't want the lack of money to stop you from learning these amazing, life changing techniques.


The foundation package will give you everything you need to know to start meditating with confidence, knowing that you have found the right meditation technique for you.

In these sessions you will learn more about meditation & the right techniques to suit you. You will learn 2-3 meditation & pranayama techniques & have the confidence to start applying the techniques into your daily life.

4 Sessions to jump start your practice

Having already discussed your goals & reasons for meditating in the initial consultation we jump straight in & while we tailor our courses to the individual the essential framework is:

Session 1:  Allow for 90 minutes.

  • What is Meditation from a deeper fundamental level?
  • How to set up to successfully meditate for the long term to gain maximise benefits.
  • The best postures for you & meditation
  • The best times & places to meditate
  • Why Pranayama is an essential pre-meditation technique
  • The techniques that you will learn over the course & answer any immediate questions around them. 
  • You will also start to get hands-on experience with pranayama & a suitable meditation technique. 
  • We will discuss in detail how you found the initial attempt at meditation.

Session 2: Allow for 60 minutes.

  • We will discuss the technique & how you have found meditating since session 1. & answer any questions that may have arisen since the last session.
  • We look at beginning to deal with thoughts that arise during meditation & the categories of thoughts & how to deal with them.
  • How your bodily state impacts your meditation
  • Introduction to meditation anchors & making meditation easier.

Session 3: Allow up to 60 minutes.

  • A trouble-shooting session to help you overcome difficulties & answer your questions. We return to your goals & make any changes necessary to help you reach them. We take a practical approach to solving any problems that may have occurred, & help with establishing a meditation practice. 
  • We will discuss a second technique & how it may add additional benefit to your primary technique.
  • You will also start to get hands-on experience with a second suitable meditation technique. 
  • Answer any questions that may arise during the session.

Session 4: Allow for 45-60 minutes. 

  • This session will be an open Q&A session to review the first 3 sessions and any outstanding questions that may have not been asked yet.
  • We will also make sure you are 100% confident to move forward in your daily practice.

We don't watch the clock as we give you 100% to help get you the right results.

Sliding Scale Investment. We can discuss this in more detail on your free initial consultation.



Often the hardest part of meditating is making a habit of the practice. When you start to reap the benefits of meditation the mind starts to try & trick you. "Ah today I feel good, I'm too busy so lets skip todays practice" When you start to see these little mind tricks you need to know how to overcome them. While we cover allot of these little tricks & how to overcome them in the foundation package we can't cover everything that comes up as its such an individual process that takes time to refine. Regular coaching in the first 3 months of starting a new meditation practice can make the difference between long term success & failure.


This one routine will set you up for success. Learn how to incorporate this into your daily life. 


Know that you're on the right path & have all your questions answered from experienced coachs & meditators. On-going coaching helps you to develop a regular practice & experience deeper more fulfilled meditations.


If you are an experienced meditator or have done one of our courses before you might be ready to go deeper in your daily practice. We love teaching advanced techniques & really helping people take their practice to the next level. Whether thats refining your existing practice technique or introducing advanced techniques & rounding methodologies.