With private yoga asana classes, you'll get personalised one-on-one attention, based on your health, body type, lifestyle & your time. When working towards a specific goal (strengthening/stretching specific muscles, stress release, toning etc.) it’s best to achieve through a series of regular classes.

What to expect in the class:

Integral approach combining yoga asanas, integrated fitness, correct postures alignment, breathing techniques & a bit of fun.

Gradual muscle tone & flexibility increase.

Therapeutic effect helping to manage or improve health issues like insomnia or low back pain.

Lifestyle recommendations, personalised exercises that you can do at home or gym in between yoga classes. 

Please contact us to discuss what option suits you.

Katia is a terrific yoga teacher and I really enjoyed her class (in fact, I signed up for another one immediately!). I liked that she had asked me in advance what I wanted to accomplish, and what issues I had (in my case, a bad lower back) and designed a class that was perfect for me. That’s a real luxury. I’ve been doing yoga for years, but learned new things from Katia that helped my lower back.
— Laurel from New York, USA